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I am GLAD that you are here to learn about our 1-1 programs for high achievers and leaders.

We offer 5 types of 1-1 programs:

1- LeaderSHIFT Series

2- Pause to Rise®

3- VIP Days


5- Assessments

I invite you to learn about our offerings by scrolling further down in this page.

Please make sure that you also visit our group coaching and workshop page! Many of our 1-1 clients can benefit from these group sessions as well!

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LeaderSHIFT Series

Signature 1-1 Leadership & Executive Development Programs

Grow YOU !

You have followed a path and goals to get you to where you are. What got you here, will not get you there. You need clarity, roadmap, and an accountability partner to perform at your best. You need new skills that you have not been taught before. Much like elite athletes and performers, high achievers like you need disciplined focus and access to a sounding board with credible experience and knowledge.

Level Up YOU !

Has your career reached a plateau? Are you being overlooked for senior level promotions? Have you lost sight of your life goals and lack energy and ambition?

It happens to the best of us. You reach a mid-level position, earn good money and are satisfied with your success. But a few years go by and you find yourself stuck in the same job, with no motivation and less happiness.

Ace YOU !

You have been promoted or you have been offered the dream leadership position in a new organization. You have probably gone through rounds and rounds of interview to land on this offer.

You know that after the initial excitement dies down, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to prove yourself in your new position.

We help you to put your best foot forward.


Pause to Rise® Series

Signature 1-1 Personal Development Programs

Practice Pause

Life has become too fast and too stressful. Your mind seems to be working non-stop. You want to stop your racing mind but it feels impossible. You can not stop thinking at bed time. It is hard to fall asleep and when you finally fall asleep, you wake up at 4 am because your mind is still thinking about your to-do-list. You might try alcohol or sleeping pills or anxiety medication but nothing seems to work.

We can help you TRAIN your mind and learn how you can tame a racing mind.

Resilience Pause

Our world is constantly changing. There is more unclear than clarity. Sometimes the amount of unknown feels so daunting that can impact our decision making. The truth is that we live in a volatile, uncertain and complex world full of ambiguities(VUCA). This level of uncertainity might be daunting to you. To act under these new conditions, we need to train our brain and nervous system to see the uncertainity in a new way.

We can help you DEVELOP resilience in your mind and change your relationship with uncertainity.

Pause to Engage

You are ambitious, smart and experienced but all of a sudden you feel like you are NOT as energized as before. You think may be it is time for a CHANGE but you are not sure exactly what that change is and how to go about it considering all the personal, financial and leadership obligations you might have.

You need to connect to that sense of purpose and MEANING and align yourself with what keeps you going and ALIVE.

We can help you take a needed PRODUCTIVE PAUSE to explore YOU and YOUR options and THRIVE again.

V I P Days

V I P Retreats

VIP Days are intensive options to get you jump start on your transformational journey. They are designed based on you, your agenda and your needs. They are normally anywhere between 2 days to 7 days. The location can be arranged based on your need and my availability. If you are interested in pursuing that option, please email us directly: info@heartmindtuning.com

If you're reading this, it's because you're ready to FEEL that JOY again.

Share, Release, Recharge Spot Sessions

Limited to 2 Sessions per Month.

Maximum of 8 Sessions in 6 Months

Do NOT Suffer in Isolation

Talk to any leader and they’ll often give you some version of ‘It’s lonely at the top’ or ‘I don’t think anyone understands how I feel.”

Yes, you can lean into colleagues, friends, family BUT you have realized that you don't feel the safe space or they don't understand you.


That is why I started offering these Spot coaching/Advisory session!

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Assessments are an EXCELLENT way of assessing where you are and where you want to be.

We support you with an array of assessments:

  • Personality assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence(EQ) assessments, EQ for Leadership Assessments, Brain Profiling assessments
  • Korn Ferry 360 leadership competency assessments that you probably receive at work and don't really know what to do with it!

If you are wondering where to start and which one suites you best, we can help. Email at: info@heartmindtuning.com

How Do You Get Started?

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