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Kathy Hadizadeh


Founder of Heart Mind Tuning Corp

Holistic Leadership & Executive Coach for Technology Leaders & High Achievers.

Mindful Leadership Advisor & Consultant.

Mindfulness Coach and Facilitator.

Committed to help you GROW to the level you desire without BURNOUT!

I am Kathy.

A former tech executive with experience of working in

fortune 100 and 500 companies like DIRECTV, AT&T, Yellow Pages, and Omnicom.

For 15 years, I lived and breathed the corporate life. I led global projects and know what it means to get

"everybody aligned" and "all ducks in a row" when kicking off the projects. Deadlines, the pressure, and the fear are not foreign to me.

In a nut shell, your world is not strange to me.

And I loved being part of it. I loved the speed, the result, and the projects that we delivered. But I was NOT

equipped for all that stress and the capacity needed so I was MISERABLE trying to juggle many balls while walking on a tightrope!

Why did I switch? How did I do it?

I invite you to read my story to know what happened and why this work is a lot more than a job or profession to me.

Because if you feel the same, I can help you.

After spending close to 2 decades in

Corporate America in multiple industries

and sustaining a traumatic brain injury

exacerbated by burnout, I built a roadmap for how I want to contribute to the

organizational culture change and

supporting high achieving leaders.

Let me share with you about my coaching and Mindfulness certifications and qualifications:

As a former IT executive, I build on two Masters in Engineering and Management coupled with 15 years of leading teams in Fortune

100 & 500 companies across multiple industries. I founded Heart Mind Tuning with the vision of bringing PAUSE to the life of high achievers in corporations and startup entrepreneurs in tech. Her movement and methodology : Pause to Rise® is registered trademark with US patent office.

The magic of coaching came to my life through working with Rachel Lauren Wade, life and business coach and an ICF MCC

who came to my life miraculously a few months after my head

injury and helped me see possibilities in the midst of darkness

and all the impossibilities I was suddenly facing. The biggest

lesson I experienced with Rachel was that there is always

another way of looking at any situation even the worst ones.

It was a GIFT.

Many times I wished I had this gift and this mentality while I was in my corporate world. That desire became one of the reasons for me to pursue coaching. I had the first and experience and had always seen high achievers who were trapped in their rigid thinking. No matter how much we know or how successful we are in the world's eye, it is how we internally feel and process any event that determines our happiness at the end of the day.

I got certified an an Integral® life, leadership, and executive development coach with New Ventures West and studied under Steve March. I have formed my thinking and philosophy around coaching based on the works of Ken Wilber, Alan Watts, and Joseph Heidegger. Integral coaching methodology is an ongoing, evolving methodology intended to be the most comprehensive response to human potential in life.

I got introduced into the world of Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness Awareness Practices through Diana Winston and Mitra Manesh. They have both fundamentally helped me tremendously to explore this world and thinking. I started my dialogue with them as I was desperate to bring down the pain in my head, I was suffering from debilitating headaches. No medication could help me. The only advise that neurologist had given me was: Try to relax your brain.

I was searching for the meaning of relaxing my brain and how I ended up learning about UCLA MARC is a fascinating story. All I can say was I found some meaning and peace in SILENCE that blew my mind away. All of a sudden, the young executive who worked 10 hours a day and interviewed job candidates for her team while driving was experiencing the power that lied in slowing down, in pausing, in practicing in staying with the breath. Life was showing me a new perspective that I had seem a glimpse of it back in 1998 when I traveled in India.

I studied my journey into Mindfulness Awareness Practices(MAPS) by Mindful Aging class and surprisingly it fit my life so beautifully. When I was asked to write about my eulogy, I wrote a few pages that later on became the mission statement for Heart Mind Tuning. I was seeing death closer than life at that time. The pain and the irony of how I was the youngest in that class but the most disabled one was so powerful that I just had to laugh and watch my life.

It took several years of studying at UCLA MARC and doing silent retreats until I got accepted to the Intensive Practice Program(IPP) and later on Training in Mindfulness Meditation. I am a UCLA Trained Mindfulness Facilitator (TMF).

Following my desire to make an impact in the culture and fast pace world of Tech, she became certified as neuroscience based Emotional Intelligence and Mindful Leadership educator and coach with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute(SIYLI). SIYLI has been an integral part of my journey with its generosity and amazing mission of bringing self awareness and self management to corporations and professionals. I got trained with them on Search Inside Yourself, Adaptive Resilience, and Leading through Disruption. I have been trained under Marc Lesser, Lori Schwanbeck, Brandon Rennels and have benefitted from continuous learning from Rich Fernandez.

While attending ENGAGE program at SIYLI, I got to know Founders of Emotous: Angela Giacoumis and John Dare who introduced me to 6Seconds: the world of emotional intelligence and AI based assessments. I am certified in EQ assessments: EQAC, BPC, etc.

The path is always evolving and I love it!

I have received many other training and certifications on

leadership, assessments, etc.

I now regard health challenge as a special gift – and challenge – that set her off on a journey to deepen her understanding of what truly makes her happy, to live in PRESENT, to be grateful for every moment of the precious life. A journey that allowed her to start serving people and learn as she was destined to be. Interesting enough, her last name in Farsi means a person who is born to give light and direction to others.

And on this path, I walk passionately every day and enjoy leaving a legacy by strategically building a moment of PAUSE in people’s lives and architecting a road map in partnership with my clients that allows them not to sacrifice the inner peace and calm for outer accomplishments.





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