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People in tech, data, science and engineering are AMAZING high level thinkers and high achievers. They are smart, have great thinking and cognitive abilities and can solve complex problems. Through their work and leadership, they are contributing to the world every single day.

However, some may;

  • Live a life of misery everyday

  • Feel lost in their career

  • Some don't know how to level up as leader

  • Some suffer from imposter syndrome

  • Some deal with anxiety and perfectionism

  • Some don't know how to optimize their full potential

  • Some lose living the WHOLE life

  • Some don't know how to avoid burn out or other health challenges

Do You Relate to Any of These Statements?

  • The thought of work keeps you up at night


  • You wish you could exude more confidence?

  • Are you feeling stuck?

  • Do you still think that WORKING HARD is your ticket to landing on promotion?

  • Are you a leader who is constantly thinking how you can become a better leader for your team?

  • Do you dread Monday mornings?

  • Does the thought of the week ahead of you frightens you?

  • Do you feel life without Alcohol pain meds, anxiety meds and such is impossible?

  • Is the thought of your declining health frightening you?

  • Do you wish life had a PAUSE button?

  • Do you constantly struggle that you are not where you want to be in your career and organization but need that paycheck and don't know what to do?

The Good News Is:

We Can Help You Get Unstuck and Achieve Your Full Potential.

Here Are Just A Few Ways You Will Benefit From My High-Performance Holistic Coaching:

  • Get that PROMOTION you have been waiting for.

  • Become the LEADER you want to be!

  • Understand how you can work SMARTER and not HARDER.

  • Move forward without being afraid of FAILURE.

  • Build your confidence and deal with imposter syndrome.

  • Generate personal and professional development roadmaps so you actually can track your progress.
  • Examine your life and career as a WHOLE.

  • Develop CALM & FOCUS to help with your productivity and mental health.

  • FALL in LOVE with your career again!

  • Get CLARITY on what you want even if it means a TOTAL CHANGE in your career!

  • Avoid BURNOUT and health challenges related to CHRONIC STRESS


Hi, I am Kathy Hadizadeh

As a former Tech Executive with a tenure of 15 years in corporate fortune 100 and fortune 500 companies, I know the dynamics of corporate life. With experience across multiple industries, I have lived the life of many of my clients. That is what allows my clients to trust me and feel seen and heard from the beginning of our engagement.

As an ICF certified Leadership and Executive Coach, an expert in neuroscience based Emotional Intelligence and Mindful Leadership, I have the knowledge, tools and experience to facilitate your journey into yourself.

You have all the answers and my job is to help you explore and find those answers. I become your partner to ensure that based on experience and systematic thinking, you can decide on the best course of actions and act on them!

Leadership & Executive Coach, Mentor, Mindfulness Educator in Partnership with:


Achieve Mental Clarity on Your Professional & Leadership Development

Boost Your Confidence and Own Your Impact

Learn to Dream Big while Putting what matters to you FIRST!

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