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There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.

There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.

You feel it, don’t you?


Helping your remember:

You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?

In 2014, I got involved in an initiative for developing focused and fearless leaders at DIRECTV IT organization: F12.

It had an amazing IMPACT on my mindset and I observed the impact of personal change of humans at the organizational level.

After my head injury, I decided take advantage of my 2 decades in Corporate America to lead a movement to help leaders embrace their being a human and lead organizations in understanding that we are human beings and not human doings.

I ask myself: How can I support more leaders each day to show up with more

authenticity, compassion and courage for themselves and others?

Heart Mind Turning Core Mission Areas

To support technology, high tech, & engineering leaders to grow to the level that is right for them without burnout.

To help Tech Organizations, Teams, Leaders to Create Compassionate and Psychologically Safe Environments that Foster Innovation, inclusion and Growth for their talent.

To build awareness of the importance of mental health, emotional well-being and brain health especially amongst ambitious and high achieving people.

To offer opportunities of to build community, group experiences while allowing for personal growth and development via group coaching and targeted workshops.

Just imagine going to work in the morning, like you always do. Your coffee is waiting for you. Work is there but this time... You are ENJOYING your work!

You are feeling like your TALENT and POTENTIAL is being put to good use!

How does that feel?

Because you’re no more the busy bee doing all the work you hate, not knowing how to best manage people, getting drained by being an emotional toilette and not knowing what to do. Gone are the days of dreaming of a promotion you BELEIVE you deserve but no one else sees it. You’re actually at the top of your career, doing the work you love, and you’re not working round the clock!

You get to do the projects you want, without all the busy work that gets you nowhere. You get the freedom of being a top-level contributor. And you finally get the recognition and compensation you deserve for your level of talent.

We help you get to this state without burnout!

During my tenure with corporations, I had the opportunity of observing what fosters growth and safety and what impedes it. While at DIRECTV, I had the good fortune of contributing to the mission of developing fearless leaders within IT organization. It was a 12- step program called F-12 inspired by the work of Brene Brown and may other inspiring leaders focusing on developing fearless leaders.

You can read more about this work here.

The current work environment and leadership methods of a good number of organizations are leading to record levels of workplace loneliness, depression, anxiety, and burnout. In a world with increasing complexity, volatility, uncertainty, how does it feel to never be grounded?

Professionals in areas with high-demand for their intellect and cognitive ability have certain needs to keep their innovation and learning abilities at high levels. They need access to conditions that help them THRIVE.

Sending these high achieving individuals or groups to yet another leadership seminar or training to build their skills is not the answer. They need to be offered opportunities to build reflective practices, compassion, empathy and resilience collectively.

We help you get to this state without burnout!

High achievers come with big ambitions and an intensity that helps them succeed. It’s one of the reasons they excel and are often seen as the super star leader or go-to member of the team.

That drive can also lead to higher levels of stress and the potential for burn out. It can show up as less-than their best at work and can even carry over to problems in relationships and life outside the office.

My own head injury was exacerbated by the burnout that I had ignored.

We help you move from using busy-ness with no time to “worry” about feelings. When stress becomes untenable, we see that everything from overwork, to drinking and self-medicating is used to keep the high achiever going. This can have serious impacts on your brain, health, relationships and overall satisfaction with life.

We help high achievers not get trapped in this cycle.

It is proven that group coaching benefits group members by improving their capacity to: Promote systems and strategic thinking. Build proficiency in reflection, reframing, questioning, problem-solving planning, and time management. Increase dexterity in presentation, facilitation, and communication.

Coaching can significantly increase many aspects of self-awareness for participants as leaders and as team members; executives can focus in on their styles of leadership as well as team roles and contributions. They can better appreciate their personality, motivations and fears as well as how they impact others.

That is why we offer some collective experiences for professionals to experience growth within a supportive community.

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