Interested in 1-1 Coaching/Advisory?

Read on for options and details.

You know a lot and take charge. You get things done at the expense of working 18 hr days! Delegation is hard for you. You want things done a certain way.

You are great at EXECUTION! You strive to achieve more and more as a leader but feel trapped by the speed of your place and management routine.

You are great as an EXPERT and a PROBLEM SOLVER! You struggle with being a leader who does not know all the answers and coaching others.

You are a SERVANT LEADER and team player! You struggle with CONFLICT, PUSHING BACK and setting BOUNDARIES.

You are a HIGH ACHIEVER but are not finding HAPPINESS anymore. You want to explore MEANING behind what you do and get your MOJO back.

Working 1-1

How Does It Feel?

Finally, imagine waking up in the morning feeling even more excited about how you feel about your life, work, and how you see yourself.

You are at PEACE in your heart with where you are, what you do and how you are applying your unique skills and talents.

You are NOT looking for an outside validation or hitting the next goal or item on the list to feel JOY.

You have cultivated JOY inside you.

You don't long for the past and you are not anxious about future.

You feel like you are serving your team. You have challenges BUT they are not keeping you up at night. They are stretching you.

And yes, you are being recognized and paid what you are worth! But most importantly you are connected with the MEANING behind what you do.

You don't feel alone. You have access to a soundingboard to bounce off ideas and important decisions.

You are grounded and own every step that you take. Gone are the days of running from meeting to meeting like a headless chicken.

You can be FULLY PRESENT with your family, loved ones and are CLEAR on your values.

This is NOT a fairy tale.

We are talking about you. This is what working with me feels like for you.

Are you READY?


  • Make the leap from being a good leader to being a GREAT leader

  • Connect with MEANING and JOY in their life and professions

  • Tap into their true potential as a LEADER

  • Learn to be calm, focused, and grounded

  • Move from DOING and DOING to achieve bigger results to BE a leader who achieve bigger results with less effort and time

  • Rekindle their PASSION and MOJO for their talent and work


  • Become a COACH as a MANAGER

  • Define their vision for their entrepreneurial journey and make the leap from Corporate life to Entrepreneurship

  • Change their career

  • Find a new job and have access to a leadership support program in their first 90 days

  • BE grounded, learn to build self-awareness, self-management and develop Emotional Intelligence(EQ)

  • Develop healthy boundaries, learn to deal with CONFLICT and say NO when needed

  • Understand their mental well-being and build a path to feeling ENERGIZED and not experiencing BURNOUT

What Can a Coach Do for You?

How Do I Coach?

Our work is a partnership.

I am a catalyst, an enabler to allow you explore you and what goes on in you in depth. I hold the space for you to process the emotions, actions and you follow through with actions and gaining insight based on your actions.


In our iterative reflections, we identify what needs to change or grow in you. We prioritize them based on your VALUES, and short and long term goals. We build a cycle to develop new neural pathways in your brain .

The subconscious mind is a mind that has been developed based on patterns. This causes the chatter in your mind.

To tap into our power, we need to learn to quiet the chatter of the mind. Less noise means: More coherence between heart and brain.

Watch this video to learn more.

We use the power of data, visualization, assessments in our work to see what we want to change and how it is changing over time.

If you can not measure it or feel it, it does not exist.

VIP Days are intensive options to get you jump start on your transformational journey. They are designed based on you, your agenda and your needs. They are normally anywhere between 2 days to 7 days. The location can be arranged based on your need and my availability. If you are interested in pursuing that option, please email us directly:

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. When you cease to dream you cease to live.

Possible benefits of Holistic Leadership and Executive Coaching besides Leadership Development


You are held accountable


You can improve your cognitive function, focus, and memory


Experience GROWTH mindset


Experience the power of coherence between heart & mind


Improve your confidence level


Experience leading and living from a position of power vs fear


Learn to be with your fears, doubts, uncertainties, emotions


Learn to be fully present with your life and what matters to you.

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