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Nothing makes me happier in my professional life than celebrating the success my amazing clients achieve through the coaching journey in our 1-1 engagements.

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Kathy Hadizadeh, MSc, ICF PCC

Watch Lan's Testimonial on Working with Kathy:

Kathy creates an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance for her clients in a comfortable, relaxed and easy environment. Her calm and meditative demeanor allows for clients to feel a different pace from their routine environments. Her extensive experience with corporate culture allows her clients to feel like they have access to a sounding board.

Private sessions are devoted to the best possible outcomes for the individual(s) with each session tailored to best suit your personality and needs.

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Hear from Kathy about Making a Change!

Working with me is NOT about knowledge.

You can read all kinds of leadership books and gain a ton of knowledge about the latest models in leadership.

But I promise you that none of them will help YOU.

Think about all those seminars, leadership courses, executive learning opportunities that you have attended. Did any of them have a lasting change on you?

I am sure the answer is a big No and I tell you the reason:

It is not just about learning. It is about transforming who you are and BECOMING the leader you dream of.

Become the Leader You Dream


When I started working with Kathy, I was lacking direction. I knew I wanted to lead bigger teams and become a mentor for the younger generation, but how do I break out and set myself apart? This was something that was not clear to me. Ultimately, I want to make an impact. I want to be a leader who shows strength and bravery with their actions. Encouraging others to be their best self. But, I was not able to sit down for 1 minute to quiet the thoughts. I constantly had lists going for all of the various aspects of life. I was very anxious and definitely suffered from depression. Always thinking that I wasn’t good enough.

I spent some time researching executive coaches that could help me build the necessary tools and when I met Kathy I instantly knew that she would be able to do it. Her approach was different. She didn’t go straight to the skills, but rather approached it holistically. The idea is when you are living your life to its full potential in all aspects then it will bleed into work and how you lead. All based on mindfulness.

Now I feel calmer and I’m responding versus reacting. I have cultivated the ability to sit quietly with my thoughts and have better focus. I’ve also been able to be more clear about what I want in terms of my advancement in my career.

Most important is that I now have tools to deal with negative self talk and anxiety. I use it to be a better listener and to pause before responding. I’ve noticed a change in how I react when dealing with difficult personalities in my life. Family was a big one. There are a lot of triggering things when it comes to my family, but I’ve been able to mitigate that by setting boundaries and being more mindful about others intentions. I also see a change when dealing with friends who are triggering. I’ve also, for the first time, started thinking about myself as the #1 priority. That has put things into perspective.

Testimonial from Lan, Director of Product Management

Working with Kathy is life changing. She offers practical advice based on experience and knowledge.

She combines several learning modalities and breaks it down into a simple model.

Her work with optimizing my mindset and building resilience has allowed me to experience life differently. As a leader and entrepreneur, I have always shifting prioritizes. Looking at my ambitions and life through the lens of holistic leadership, has allowed me to experience more effective decision making and mental focus.

Highly recommend her if you are looking for true transformation in life.

Testimonial from Ida, President IP Enterprise

I started my program with Kathy when I had a severe anxiety and sadness, regardless of whatever I had achieved in my life , still I felt very sad and unhappy inside.

We started the sessions, after the 4th session I was able to find the roots of my unhappiness, we dived deeper into that and found very nice solutions, I was really very persistent in my practices and I got amazing results. I really appreciate what you did Kathy .

Testimonial from Mitra, Banking Executive and Entrepreneur

When I started the program with Kathy, I had just come out of a tough year of battling breast cancer and was settling in my career. I needed to calm myself down and find a new narrative. The program helped me a lot easing up my mind in many aspects and showed me how to be present and appreciate (sometimes even cope with) the moment.

The fact that I could see Kathy practices what she preaches, herself and that I know that she has put the words into actions in her personal life makes me hear what she says, a whole different way. She is truly present in the moment and her very different point of view on issues really amazes me.

Testimonial from Mahkameh, Director Electrical Engineering

I am much more aware of and honest about the issues that hold me back.

I am more in touch with what was missing from my past “success” and why I felt disconnected from it - and also, what inspires me (and why.it does).

I am learning to reconcile these truths with the apparent expectations of others I had been using to drive my behaviors and choices - and learning to care less (on the way to not at all).

I am starting to incorporate meditation and other methods to pull myself out of the spiral of doing and reconnect with the joy of being. I acknowledge and deal with my prioritization challenges much better, and organize my time more effectively to reduce stress.

I have dramatically improved my willingness and ability to build a stronger, supportive relationship with my partner by addressing concerns rather than always accommodating - I deserve what I need.

I am finally learning to stop the internal voices positioning my leaving Princess as a failure to be rectified or revenged or mourned, and have started moving down a path that's sensible for ME with less concern about how to explain it or how others might think of it.

Testimonial from David, Former CMO

How confident I am again. I can tell I am trusting the people and the process and my intuition a lot more. I am feeling my way along the way versus bulldozing through everything to get things done.

I'm excited about approaching things with a spirit of fun and adventure, once again, in trust of my ability to accept what comes my way, whatever it is, and be able to react, resolve, or put it to good use without a pause of confusion or search for meaning. You could say I'm back to running on all cylinders.

Testimonial from Carlos, Director and President

For years, my career choice was eating away at me. I had been a marketing director for over a decade, on various high-profile, blue chip companies, making over six-figures, and stuck in a miserable rut.

I am a classic type-A personality; I know what I want. It was clear to me that I wanted to change but I didn’t know how. I wanted to change my life so that I could actually enjoy it.

When I had my first consultation with Kathy, I knew she would be the one to help guide me out of my personal prison. Her inviting words and tone allowed me to be vulnerable, and so we began working through my self-inflicted constraints and negative self-talk.

She offered specific exercises to help me begin seeing my own patterns, both life and work patterns. Simultaneously, she guided me to discover my core values. Over the course of our year together, I aligned myself to my authentic values and learned to calm my mind, show myself compassion, and respect the career path I had chosen. I no longer look at my tenure as a marketing director with regret, but with pride and joy.

When I reshaped my experiences and refined my core values, I was able to acknowledge where my heart longed to be and why. I’m now a prolific screenwriter, a SAG-AFTRA actress, and a marketing consultant for small businesses. I have always had the heart of an entrepreneur and now I am one.

Testimonial from Carlos, Director and President

An overwhelmingly changing terrain at work is causing continuous new parameters that I need to take into account. This is creating consumption of my energy analyzing the external situation, and not leaving energy for examining my internal situation.

It is clear that a lot of the answers are within me. Through my past experiences, I know what works and what doesn't work for me. However, I am very dissociated with the sensations needed to make decisions based on these past feelings. I think I will benefit from introspection sessions daily, lead by my own self. This is something I used to do, and currently not. I feel like my practice to slow busy mind is coming back and I can see that the answers are coming.

Testimonial from AK, CTO

For many years, my focus was my career and sure enough, the focus area I asked Kathy to help me with was my career! I wanted to know how to grow in my career and where are the gaps and unknowns.

Our coaching sessions were involved conversations on different aspects of life which helped me realize what deep inside I would like to pursue and what are the missing pieces. Kathy gave me a different point of view about me, my life, my work and work- life balance. With her help, it became possible to me to open up to possibilities in a whole new way. Kathy`s high EQ combined with her experience, openness and listening, makes her a great coach.

Testimonial from Leila, Divisional Quality Leader

What if I am looking for " A CHANGE"?

Below is a testimonial from Sisi, Director of Single Cell Profiling at Caltech. She walks us through her experience of working with Kathy.

Below is an account of what my client: Sisi: Director of stem cell research at Caltech experienced as a result of investing in herself and our partnership. Please read this thoroughly and experience her journey.

Take a breath and ask yourself:

What is it that I want to experience out of working with Kathy? How do I want to feel?

Question for Sisi: If you were to review what you've learned so far and write your own success story, what would it say?

Sisi: When I started coaching with Kathy, I was recovering from a period of burnout. I was chasing a form of career success that I

wasn't sure that I wanted and became burned out from spinning my wheels on too many projects. From working with Kathy, I've

learned about heart-mind connection and the importance of taking a pause to understand what it is I really want. Kathy also helped

me systematically evaluate different career options I had been thinking about, without automatically dismissing the more unusual option. I am still focused on developing more clarity on my career, but working with Kathy has instilled tools in me for connecting more deeply with my own desires and goals.

Question for Sisi: What do you like best about coaching and what is/was your biggest learning?

Sisi: What I liked most about coaching with Kathy is that her warm presence creates a space where you feel there is permission to

be authentic. Having a partner to explore and consider all options with both the heart and the mind is extremely important for me

because it helps me from falling into negative ruts. My biggest learning is to trust myself to do the right thing for me. Even if

a decision leads to a failure, I trust that it was the right thing to do at that moment.

Question for Sisi: How do you FEEL as a result of Coaching? What are the specific results that you have experienced in working with Kathy?


- I feel more in control of my own decisions and take more responsibility for them.

- I am more able to speak my truth even if it is uncomfortable or awkward for others.

- Kathy helped me commit to a daily meditation practice that brings benefits to my emotional processing skills, and ability to remain flexible in the face of change.

Question for Sisi: What might you say to someone considering using Heart Mind Tuning services?

Sisi: Kathy is an incredibly intuitive and thoughtful coach who will help you identify the areas that are working for you as well

as the areas that could use further development. Her work with you is highly tailored to your current life and needs, through

journal prompts and 'assignments' designed to provoke self-reflection in important areas. You will need to tune in to do the hard

work, but she is an invaluable guide along the way!

How Does " Pause to Rise" Method Help Clients?

Below is a testimonial from Sanaz, a business manager on how Pause to Rise has impacted her life, career and well-being. Taking a productive pause allowed Sanaz to connect with self awareness especially when it came to her value in the business and processional world. You can see a chart of where she started and her development journey across the engagement period.

Question for Sanaz: Reflect back on how you felt before starting this program, what are the changes you notice as a result of investing in you and taking this productive pause?

Sanaz: I felt trapped and confused before I got to the point that I need a clear guidance from someone who can understand and lay a clarity and plan out and guide me through. Now, I know my weakness and strength and have the tools to navigate. It is clear!

Question for Sanaz:
What accomplishments/wins/positive changes have you experienced?

Sanaz: The main and most I feel I accomplished through this journey is clearer view of my leadership skills, personality, self awareness, empathy and patience. The tools I learned of and practiced with have become my lifetime tools that I can apply to any relationship as to how to lead myself, others and the project/field I am working on..

Question for Sanaz:
How have your levels of awareness, clarity, motivation, self management changed?

Sanaz: I feel that I am able to navigate more efficient by having a clear understanding of myself, awareness! I chose to go to this with Kathy as she understands my background and culture and I was sure she could guide me through more efficient. The change is the way I look into my mind and thoughts, with awareness and clarity.

Our Work Together is Measurable and Metrics Driven!

In working together 1: 1, you have access to a private portal with customized metrics that we define together and you can track your change and progress over time.

You will receive personalized trainings, exercises, and journal prompts that help you make the change in your brain and mind.

In group coaching, you will have access to membership site with learning modules made available to you.

Below See Examples of Metrics And How We Implement Change in Our Partnership:

More Testimonial from Leadership Development Clients

In the short time that we've worked together, Kathy has helped me make some profound realizations on how my mind works!

I have taken it upon myself to actively explore them more deeply through awareness during the work day, in my meditation on the cushion, and through my writing practice. Each aha! moment brings me closer to how I want to live my career and be perceived as a leader.

Staff Engineer at Chime

Coaching helps identify ones blind spots. The outside perspective is so critical for the environment we work in and the challenges we face in our day to day work. Coaching with Kathy has helped me understand how I might be perceived by others and how I can work on changing that perception. I would highly recommend this coaching to all levels of leaders.

Team Lead at Bloomberg

Long story short, I recently got an apple watch, because i am sedentary all the time it has a function to remind you to stand, It also had a breathe function, which reminds you a few times a day to stop, close your eyes, focus on your breath and breathe.... This is a feature i have been ignoring lately, not knowing its benefits, after watching that video it makes me rethink the importance of taking just a few minutes to stop and focus. .

Director Engineering at Clear Capital

Things that I'm actively walking away from our work include:

- significantly improved awareness of how show up, behave, my emotions, triggers. This allows me to better control and change how I present to improve outcomes

- learning to control my excitement to not derail a meeting but to more appropriately bring things up in the correct sequence

Engineering Technology at Bloomberg

What Coaching Clients @ The World's Most Innovative Tech Company Say:

“We all need ways to grow and things to focus on that are not day to day.

An outside perspective is just what I needed to break some old habits.”

“I got better and changed how I was doing things. I have actions I can

continue to use to keep improving even though we are done with sessions.”

“Kathy was very thoughtful in her approach. She displayed great listening

skills, asked good questions to help me think differently in my approach.”

“Kathy took the time to Coach me as an individual versus a one size fits all model.”

“All leaders can benefit from this service.”

I coach Leaders at the world's most innovative tech company through partnering with Coaching Right Now.

Leaders at the highest levels of innovation at tech and engineering have found their coaching sessions beneficial to their leadership and life

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